Mobile Welding and Custom Metal Fabrication

Mobile Welding
Kendall Industries and High Speed Metal Fabrication have been in the business of getting things done right, and done fast.  We have the employees with the right skills and the best equipment, to get the job done right.
Kendall Industries and High Speed Metal Fabrication is a full service design and fabrication house.  We have engineers and design professionals on staff to take your designs to the next level, and get them produced.  We have in house CNC Water Jet, Plasma, and Brake capabilities as well as a full millwright shop.
CNC Waterjet
Our CNC capabilities are some of the best in th midwest.  Our 5 axis auto compensating water jet can cut through virtually any material, providing find details and smooth straight cuts.  We also have a full array of traditional metal working machinery including lathes, mills, and CNC Plasma equipment.  We will get the job done!
mobile welding2
Plant and Factory Welding

Our skilled staff of mobile welders will always go the extra mile to get the job done right, done correctly, and done to specification.  We have the equipment and the experience necessary to tackle all types of plant and factory maintenance and building needs

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